Will Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse?

If one spouse files for bankruptcy, the only time the bankruptcy will affect the other spouse is if debts are held jointly. If only one spouse is an authorized user and not legally obligated on the debt, it will not affect the non-filing spouse.

Here are some examples for clarification.

Joint Credit Card Debt

If one spouse has a credit card balance and the credit card is only in his or her name, the debt can be included in the bankruptcy and subject to discharge.

If however, the credit card lists both parties jointly, and one spouse files, the credit card lender can still pursue the debt from the nonfiling spouse even after the debt is discharged in the bankruptcy of the other spouse.

Effect On Credit Scores

If only one spouse files for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy will only appear on that spouses' credit report, not on the nonfiling spouse's credit report. The nonfiling spouse also will not have any negative damage to his or her score because of his or her spouse's filing, unless they have joint debt.

For those concerned about credit reporting, we can provide a letter for the non-filing spouse to provide to the credit reporting agencies.

Unsure Whether To File Without Your Spouse?

If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy without your spouse, consulting with a bankruptcy attorney for guidance is advised. You can discuss your debts and assets (those exclusively in one name and both), and whether filing bankruptcy individually or jointly is recommended.

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