Helping Those In Eastern North Carolina Facing Judgments Seek Protection Through Bankruptcy

A civil judgment against any person can create significant financial distress and can cause negative effects on many aspects of a person's life, including:

1. Credit Reports

A judgment will go on your credit report affecting your future ability to borrow money, and affecting many job prospects that require a personal credit check. We can assist you in removing the judgment to help clear your credit records.

2. Real Estate

If you own real estate, a judgment could become a lien on your property. A judgment lien could leave you unable to sell your home or even affect your ability to refinance your mortgage. A bankruptcy can help by removing the lien on your home and protect your real estate investment.

3. Personal Property

Your personal belongings (car, household goods, recreational items, etc.) are also at risk of being sold at a sheriff's sale. A bankruptcy can eliminate this risk if you are facing a judgment.

Has A Judgment Been Entered Against You? Let Our Experienced Team Help

If you have a judgment against you that you are unable to pay, let our attorneys help. Filing for bankruptcy can be a useful tool that can help you restore your financial security and relieve you from your judgment obligations.

We have decades of combined experience working with clients in Eastern North Carolina who have significant debt resulting from judgments. A discharge under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may eliminate the lien on your property, and stop the consequences of a judgment against you.

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