Overwhelmed By Student Loan Debt?

For many students, taking out loans is a seemingly straightforward way to pay for higher education. Unfortunately, most students do not realize how difficult it will be to repay loans. Nor are they fully aware of how much interest will accumulate. If you are a student with difficulties paying your student loans, our North Carolina student loan attorneys can provide advice that will help you minimize the financial burdens of your student loans.

At Gillespie & Murphy, P.A., we provide honest and reliable legal advice to students who need relief from their student loans.

Student loan debt can lead to serious financial distress, especially when combined with credit card debt, medical expenses, and mortgage payments. Let us help you reorganize your debt and secure your financial status. Contact us today for more information.

Student loans are often accompanied by other forms of debt, including credit card overload. Whether you recently started paying your loans and are finding them unmanageable or your loans (when combined with a mortgage, credit cards, or medical expenses) have caused other problems, our attorneys will sit down with you to start exploring your options and alternatives.

While bankruptcy does not usually eliminate all student loans, it may relieve you from other forms of debt, including credit cards and medical expenses. We can help you address all of your debt elimination needs and provide the consumer credit counseling you need to reduce your debt or create a manageable payment plan.

For more information on bankruptcy and student loans, contact Gillespie & Murphy, P.A., to schedule a free consultation at our New Bern, Wilmington, Greenville or Jacksonville, North Carolina, offices. We are lawyers with the dedication and experience to help you quickly obtain the relief or benefits you deserve.

We are a debt relief agency under the United States Code. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.