Help For People With Chronic Pain

Obtaining benefits for a disability arising out of painful conditions can be difficult. Conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome can be difficult to prove and are under severe scrutiny by the Social Security Administration. When you suffer from chronic pain and are unable to work, our attorneys at Gillespie & Murphy, P.A., can help you pursue benefits.

When you are facing the difficulty of living with chronic pain, our attorneys are available to help you pursue the disability benefits that you are entitled to. Contact us today to learn more about Social Security Disability and chronic pain.

When you are facing a disability evaluation for benefits, it is critical that you obtain the proper records to support your claim. Our attorneys will help you to collect relevant medical documentation, witness accounts, and other supporting materials for your claim. We are sympathetic to your needs and will help you obtain your benefits as soon as possible.

The importance of medical documentation
In any application for Social Security benefits, documenting medical treatment is extremely important and may make the difference between benefits and a claim denial. Whether you are considering filing for benefits or your claim has already been denied, it is critical that you begin to collect and retain medical records to document your pain, disability, or illness.

If you can establish a continuing doctor-patient relationship with your physician, it may be extremely useful should you need a witness at your hearing. For most patients, hiring an expert witness is too expensive, but their family physician or other regularly visited doctor can support any evidence and claims of pain or other conditions.

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